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Discover Pods, Podcast spotlight

Discover Pods: Podcast Spotlight with ‘The Nordics Unveiled’

DECEMBER 10, 2020 by Discover Pods You may think you know Nordic history, but there is still so much to be discovered. After all, the stories span generations, stretching back hundreds of years. In this podcast, Norwegian host and violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing aims to answer one question: What is typically Nordic? To investigate, Hemsing and […]

Episode 7: Terje Isungset – When the coldness of ice resonates

In the new episode of the Nordics Unveiled, Eldbjørg Hemsing is joint by one of Europe’s most accomplished and innovative percussionists Terje Isungset. With over two decades of experience in jazz and Scandinavian music, Terje has already made a significant mark in pushing the musical boundaries far beyond tradition. His distinctive artistic works are exploring […]

Episode 6: Hallgrim Hansegård – Movement from the North, heritage of dance

Hallgrim Hansegård has truly made a name with bringing the rich traditional folk dance ‘halling’ to the global audiences, both through live performances, TV productions and even video games. Known for his innovative and playful dance projects, Hallgrim is continuously breaking physical, psychological and cultural barriers. His projects had been performed in more than 30 […]

Episode 5: Dr. Knut Ljøgodt – Nordic reflections in Fine Arts

Guest of the new episode of “The Nordics Unveiled” is renowned Norwegian art historian and curator Dr. Knut Ljøgodt. Previously working at the National Gallery in Oslo, as Director at the Northern Norway Art Museum in Tromsø and Founding Director of Kunsthall Svalbard, dr. Ljøgodt is today leading the Nordic Institute of Art, which he […]

Eldbjørg Hemsing violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing med ny podcast – Publisert 18. 11. 2020 Hva er typisk nordisk? Hva karakteriserer vår historie, utvikling og hvem er vi i dag? Disse spørsmålene stiller Eldbjørg Hemsing i sin nye podcast, The Nordics Uveiled, som lanseres i disse dager. Hun tar sikte på å nå et internasjonalt publikum som for tiden er sulteforet på levende konserter, […]

Klassisk CD blogspot: Podcast: Unveiling Nordic (NO)

Klassisk CD Blogspot – Trond Erikson , 16. november 2020 Fiolinisten Eldbjørg Hemsing har lansert podcasten The Nordics Unveiled, der hun ønsker å utforske temaene nordisk mytologi, folkemusikken, samisk tradisjon, oppdagelse av glemte verk innenfor musikken, filosofi, arkitektur og natur. Slikt blir det spennende lytting av. Eldbjørg Hemsing har vokst opp i en bygd og et dalføre som […]

Episode 4: Maja S. K. Ratkje – Contemporary sound from the North

The bold and charismatic Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje is most definitely on the forefront, when it comes to the musical avant-garde, known for stark contrasts and a nuanced balances. She is celebrated and awarded with prizes both in Scandinavia and abroad, including the Edvard Prize and prestigious UNESCO Rostrum Award.  “The Nordic expression in music […]

Eldbjørg Hemsing - The Nordics Unveiled for Oppland Arbeiderblad

Oppland Arbeiderblad: Eldbjørg Hemsing med podkast om det mystiske nordiske (NO)

Frode Hermanrud – Oppland Arbeiderblad, 8. 11. 2020 Eldbjørg Hemsing med podkast om det mystiske nordiske: – Jeg ser på podkaster som lydbøker som har tatt et steg videre Det såkalte nordiske uttrykket har blitt en sjanger både innenfor litteratur og musikk, men hva er egentlig typisk nordisk? I podkasten «The Nordics Unveiled» dykker Eldbjørg […]

Episode 3: Ottar Kåsa – “Instrument of the devil” Hardanger fiddle

Ottar Kåsa is renowned Hardanger fiddle player and violinmaker, praised for making first class instruments. After attending the prestigious Ole Bull Academy in Voss, he established his own workshop, continuing nurturing the expertise of craftmanship of Hardanger fiddle making and playing. The oldest found Hardanger fiddle dates back to a year 1651, belonging to Ole […]

Episode 1: Lasse Thoresen – Folk motives and the Nordic sound

Nordic sound is not easy to describe, when being part of the scene yourself (…) Perhaps there is not really a Nordic sound, but rather a Nordic rhythm. I perceive there is a different temporality in the music of Nordic countries, including Baltic. Lasse Thoresen, The Nordics Unveiled More information about Lasse Thoresen and his […]

Episode 2: Mette Henriette – Sami heritage in the modern Nordic sound

In the new episode of the Nordics Unveiled, Eldbjørg Hemsing is joint by the exceptional multi-faceted artist Mette Henriette. Norwegian Sami saxophonist, composer and performing artist has been captivating audiences and critiques around the globe – the youngest artist to be signed to the legendary label ECM, Mette’s debut album was also named the “Jazz […]

Welcome or Velkommen – Trailer

The lyrical, melancholic and often cautious optimists are a key words to explain what can often be characterized as Nordic. The clean, simple and often pictorial. At the same time, it is a courage and a force to be reckoned with, as can be drawn from Nordic fairy tales, often with a warm humor. Many […]


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